Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Whoo hoo! It only took 64 days! Some people have been waiting over 100 days...there is no rhyme or reason. I feel so fortunate to have this so soon. I have now filled out and mailed off the 800 form. This is for the US government to specifically approve Henry's immigration to this country. In addition, I have been working all night long filling out our 4 Visa applications because China is changing its policy August 1. That policy could potentially stall our travel to adopt Henry. So, many tears and crumpled pages later, I feel like I finally have all of them completed correctly. I am so SICK of this paperwork stealing time away from my family. While they are upstairs playing and laughing, I am down here swaeting, swearing, crying and crumpling mass amounts of paper. I am frustrated and I am burned out. Yes, there is a sweet boy at the end of this rainbow, but the journey is so trying. I cannot explain this to anyone who has not gone through the process. It is of no use. I just smile and nod and say everyting is AOK when asked. But really....I am crashing....hard.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey! I received some pictures from the agency while we were out on vacation! Nice to come ome to! He looks so handsome and scared! We should be getting our LOA?LSC any day now and after that, things will go rather quicly and we should be able to travel the end of September. We hope!!