Friday, September 14, 2012


We got travel approval today! We leave for Beijing on October 9th out of Seattle!!!! We will spend 4 days there touring and visiting friends before taking the bullet train to Shanghai, on the 15th, one month from today we will meet Zhao Chenpin...., aka Henry. We will stay in SH for five days then head to Guangzhou to the American Embassy where the rest of the paperwork is completed. It has been one year since we decided to adopt again. It has been 7 months with Henry in our hearts. I am at so much peace now the wheels are in motion. We have time to finish the house and prepare our jobs for our absences, I am giddy with exhaustion. So happy to be moving on with the day we will meeting our son and completing our family!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Soon it will be MidAutumn moon festival in China. We have sent a care package to our son and his foster family. I wrote a thank you note to Henry's foster parents. Each day I pray that we get to meet them. It is not usual, but my thought is since he is older it would be cool to bring him back to the people who raised him for the first several years. I am not going to take him back to the orphanage when he is older. His memories are with his foster family in a village quite away from the SWI. That is where it begins for him. Hope! That's all I have at this point. I have no control over whether or not CCCWA will allow this.... But stranger things have happened.
On another note, we should get TA anytime this week. If this happens we will leave October 9th and meet Henry the 15th. One month until we leave. I am starting to cry at the drop if a hat. I am extremely emotional and if the word ADOPTION or anything associated with it is mentioned, I tear up! I did the same thing with Leah. Once we get the gotcha! Date and consulate appointment I can put the paperwork nightmare behind me and focus on the family and upcoming changes. We are going to be gone for three whole weeks!!!