Thursday, August 16, 2012

A schnauzer ponders...and a mommy waits!

There really is no reason for me to post this picture other than the fact I love it. 

So, our paperwork, ALL OF IT, is in China now. After the 800 approval, our paperwork went to the NVC (national visa center) so Henry could be approved to come into the United States. After a few days, we got the approval and that last piece of paperwork was sent to China and is now at the Embassy where it will sit for exactly 14 days. So, on August 30, a courier will deliver the final OK to CCCWA in Beijing and we will be officially awaiting Travel Approval. Things have been moving fast and we suspect that we will have TA by the middle of September. At that point, we will request a consulate appointment (the very last thing we do in China) for October 25th. Most people will travel two weeks from TA. However, with my work schedule, this is the best time. This will also give me one  full week before we leave (we hope Oct. 9th) to pack and get everything ready.

We sent Henry a camera and one more letter. Our hope is he takes pictures of the foster village and his family. It is going to be rough. Very rough. He is older and will be aware on many levels that he is saying goodbye and it is going to break his heart. Many friends and family are starting to panic a bit:

1. What will you do if he hates you?
2. What will you do if he tries to run away
3. What are you going to do about language?
4. Don't you feel guilty taking him away from all he has ever known?
5. What if he refuses to go with you?
6. What if hates Noah and Leah?
7. Are you worried he might abuse them?
8. How will he ever make it in school

oh and so so many more.................
I am never really sure how to answer these. These and many more questions and concerns are a part of mine and Tom's daily life. We have fears. We feel nervous. We feel excitement. We know that this is going to be a roller coaster of sorts and you can bet that the first pictures we post of "Family Day' are not going to be rainbows and unicorns. We don't know what we will do until this stuff happens. Through our experience these last 6 years with Leah, and the adoption training through Gladney, we feel like we have the tools to deal with what comes up. But to have all of these "what-ifs" is maddening. We decided the other night to let it go and see what comes our way. He is healthy and he is happy. I know that even with his anger and grief, he will become those things again. Time...just time.

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  1. Your doggie is super cute. :-) Yay for travel approval--they've been coming very quickly lately (we were less than 2 weeks). Hopefully you'll have fast turnaround. Those questions sure are toughies. And you're so right, time will tell. It may be hard, and you will get through it as a family.