Friday, February 10, 2012


Happy Friday! And it IS a happy day. There are two Fed Ex envelopes on the dining room table; one for the social worker and one for the adoption agency. They are the fruits of our labor these last four weeks. After I send them off in the morning, we have to sit and wait for the final HS visit and notarized copies. After that, we have to get fingerprinted again at the USCIS (?)...Immigration. The reason we are so frustrated is that the first set of fingerprints, for the FBI, are taking a long time. The HS needs those prints to be completed BEFORE allowing us to apply for I800A....and round 2 of fingerprinting. I am proud that we have done so much in such a small amount of time, but frustrated at the red tape. The good thing (I guess) is that as soon as I drop those envelopes off, it is out of my hands. I am trying not to let my heart wander to Chen Ping ( Pin Pin). He does not yet know he has a family who is adopting him and won't know until summer some time. I just have to pray he stays healthy and for the patience to deal with the wait.

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