Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Picture!

So here is a picture taken in November! Our Agency just sent us a few new ones...boy is he handsome. I burst into tears looking at that face! We are moving right along with the paperwork. As far as the first round of prints that were going to take 3 agonizing months, we found a way around it...or through it. The FBI has a field office in Airway Heights (they are all over the place) that will sent your prints electronically to the FBI. It took three minutes and by the time I got back home,  I had clearance and was able to forward that to our SW. She was so excited we found out about this and is going to give her other families the option of doing this....hmmmm 30 minutes VS 3 months....not a tough choice!
 So, it looks like our HS will be complete by Mid-March instead of the end of April. One step closer. The next big item on our agenda is to complete Leah's adoption next Friday. We will go to court and by 3:30, she will be a US citizen. After we get the official adoption decree, she and Noah will apply for their passports.
We are still waiting for the PA so we can shout it from the mountaintops...You'll hear me screaming when it gets here!

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