Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Henry knows!

The amazing Pat Marcus, a PT who travels to China to help find families for orphans, as well as helps caregivers take care of those with various disabilities (see previous posts), got to see Henry. He was actually brought all the way to the SCH (orphanage) and she was able to give him the letter, picture book and pictures the kids drew for him. She got to tell him about his new family who will be coming for him soon. He became understandably upset as it started to sink in that he is going to be adopted, and I am sure he is very scared at leaving all he has known. I am so blessed that Pat was there to comfort him as he begins to deal with the conflicting emotions he is having. I plan on sending a disposable camera and letter to him next week. I want him to take pictures of his foster family and village and friends. One letter a month until we get there.... Just so he knows this is all real. I have copied and pasted Pat's email below. It sounds like when she gets back, I will have lots more pictures of him! He looks choked up in this one as he looks at the picture Leah made for him.

This is what Pat wrote to me:

I saw Henry today!  he came to SCH to meet me.  It had been determined that we did not have enough time to go to the fostercare center and actually see all the children we needed to.   He was quiet but did not appear shy with me.  I gave him the book and Gongzhan and i turned the pictures and narrated it for him.  We asked him if he wanted to read the letter but he asked us to read it to him.  When we came to the house, room and all the playtime pictures,  i could see him tear up.  I think it is a good sad though.  He could not believe you, and all the family.  almost a little shake of his head.  , like "wow this is going to be my family".  I tried to make him feel comfortable.  letting him know that its OK to be sad and  this PaPa and MaMa will help you through it.  I showed him the picture on the great wall when you are with Leah.  I talked about having brothers and sisters. there was a look of Awe on his face.  His family was in his country at one time. Henry is beautiful and i cannot tell you how impressed i was to see him. 
Sitting here at my computer it is making me cry.  So good this little one will have his forever family. 
Additionally he is more handsome than ever.  He seems a little taller and to have put on a little weight. 
I have many more pictures but cannot get them all out yet

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