Friday, June 1, 2012

A Little Bit of Henry does a mama's heart good!!!

We have two new pictures! I am also going to post a video a long distance friend made for us. She is pretty amazing. We also got news that Pat Marcus from  Superkids Charity is going back to Shanghai to visit the children and may possibly see Henry. Even if that does not happen, her visits are so important because she teaches the nannies how to take good care of these kids as well as evaluates the needs of the children and helps the nannies take the best care of them until these kids find forever families.. She makes a difference in the lives of all of these children.

We are not far into the LOA wait and we are going strong. We are getting our household in order and saving every dime. Our daughter, Leah, will not be going to China with us. She got really upset one day and started crying and her behavior was off. We finally got her to tell us that she was scared to go back. She does not want to remember her life there. Tom and I felt awful! Here we were romanticising the whole trip, and she was suffering and scared on the inside. We told her that she NEVER has to go back. It is up to her when/if she that ever happens. She was so relived she just collapsed in my arms.

We are trying to prepare as much as we can to help Henry with his grieving. I used to be  caught up in the drama of it all..the what-if's, but it was stressing me out. The truth (for me anyway) is that he will come into this family the way he was meant to, and from there, we will take him and love him and get through the rough times with him. My worrying now makes no difference to him. I will save THAT energy for when I have three kids under the age of 9!  Without further are the pictures and the little video dear Jocelyn made!
 Please click on the link right below!

A little bit of Henry!!

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