Friday, November 16, 2012

Three weeks home...

It is hard to beleive that we have been home now for three weeks. It has gone very well and we all could not be happier. Here is a condensed version of small milestones we have experienced these last few weeks: 1. Henry started the 1st grade. After two weeks home with "mama", he told an interpreter that he wanted to go to school like his brother and sister. He panicked the first couple of days. Luckily, there was an interpreter there for him and that helped smooth the transition. He loves school and although the language barrier is there, he s surrounded by a great group of kids and a loving teacher. 2. We decided to let Henry Skype with his foster nana and foster dada. We were a little worried, but because of their advanced age and the fact they were worried sick (they relinquished him to the orphanage the end of September), we said "yes". It went well...very well. In fact, most of the village showed up to see him....some people even closed ther businesses just to see and talk to him. He skyed with over 20 people in two hours. He told them about the plane ride home, Disneyland, our home, and our 4 dogs. when he left the village, a lady in the villge he knew was pregnant...she had since had the baby and he aked to see her...well she sat down with a precious baby boy and Henry was brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing. This little guy has touched the hearts of many people. He is so loved. Foster nana did cry with relief, joy and the pain of missing him She even offered to by his ticket when we bring him back to visit (we declined)we told her we would take care of it. She insisted we stay in the village when we do come back...and we will!!! 3. Henry played in the snow for the first time (well sort of...he as never seen more than an inch of snowed several inches here last week). He was unning around screeching and laughing at 8:30 at night...thrilled to pieces with the snowfall. 4. Henry has learned quite a bit of English in the last few weeks. He understands way more than he can speak, but he tries very hard and always wants to know the "english" word for things. 5. Having already been a part of a family his entire life, Henry knows what it means to help out. However, he is much more aware of certain things than the other kids....for example, he automatically makes sure that I am the first one out the door...he helps my mom settle in when she visits and makes sure she has whatever she needs....he picks up the dog dishes after they have eaten....and other things I am forgetting. He is kind. 6. He is quiclky learning the routines and schedules around here. He is fitting in so well that it is shocking. We adore and love him very much. Leah is having the hardest time adjusting. She is very jealous and has been acting out. She has some attachment issues anyway, and we are trying to help her work through those. Change is tough for some kids.....she will be OK. Noah is fine...he is a trooper when it comes to this type of thing. We thought it would be the other way around. All in all, we click very well together. We are figuring each other out and having a ball. It is amazing.....those of you with childen understand...what it is like seeing the world through your child's eyes...everything that is old is new again....more beautiful, more thrilling, and more exciting. Anyway...I will post some pictures and update now and then. Thank you all for your support along the way.

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  1. So happy to see things are going well! And how awesome that he was able to Skype - sounds like he was very loved. What a sweet boy!
    Dawn & Cole Richardson