Monday, October 29, 2012

Hong Kong and HOME!

Sorry we did not post from Hong Kong. We had only three days and by the time we got back each night, we were too pooped do write anything. The train ride from Guangzhou to HK was easy and relaxing. The kids had fun. Henry is very independent and when he needs to use the bathroom, he will take off and find it. That can be scary. We stayed at the Salisbury YMCA Hotel. It had a magnificent view of Victoria Harbor, which was good because the room was way too small and cost twice as much as anywhere else. There was some kind of show that week and all of the family suites were booked. We figured out how to use the subway with relative ease. Once we figured it was very much like the London tube, we were set. It was sad for Henry to say goodbye to our guide, Jack. They really hit it off and after a while, it was obvious that Henry was missing having someone to talk to (who could answer back) in his language.
Let's see...we took the kids up to Victoria Peak and had lunch at Bubba Gump as soon as we checked in. Henry was asking me for something and I said "ok" as I wanted to get to Bubba Gump before it got too packed. The view was great and several tourists took pictures of Noah and with Noah. We took the kids to the Temple Night market which was awesome. We ate in the middle of the market and people watched. We bought a few small things and walked from booth to booth. We did that twice. We went to Disneyland as well. We took the subway. The cars on the subway were Mickey shaped and Henry started jumping up and down saying "MEECCHIE MEECHIE" meaning "Mickey". After an awesome ride through HK, we arrived at DL 40 minutes later. Best 9 bucks spent. We were one of the first ones in the park and went right to our favorite ride, Space Mountain. Big mistake. Henry and Leah got sick and dragged the rest of the time. We decided to go on the jungle cruise to settle the tummy trouble. We decided to go on the Mandarin speaking one. Henry really enjoyed that. He told one of the park workers to tell us that this was his first trip to Disney and that would he please tell us no more scary rides. whoops.... We did have fun the rest of the day. The thing he wanted most was to meet Mickey, so we stood in a very long line so he could meet him. The next day we went to the HK Space Museum. The kids had fun. Henry had a few problems at one of the interactive stations, as he had only three minutes to complete a task before having to let someone else have a turn. He stomped around and refused to talk to us. This is very much how he responds when he does not like something and we cannot communicate with him. Who can blame him?
The last night we went to a Taiwanese place and it was very good. Tom and I toasted to the fact that we made it 22 days in China without getting sick. Later that night, Noah ate an orange that had been sitting in our room for a while. He ate some of the peel and half of the orange. He sad it tasted funny. Two hours later he was throwing up and has not stopped. He has diarrhea and horrible cramps. The 15 hour plane ride was horrible for him. Three airports later we made it home and he had a rough night and is having a rough day. Do not know if it was the orange or the other food...
Henry hugged my dad right as he met him. He was so excited to be here and was amazed at the house with yards. When we got here he ran all over the place checking the house out. He loved his room. We fed them, bathed them ad they were off to bed. I was so tired barely remember phone conversations and do not remember Amazing Race.
It was a good night's sleep for all except Noah (and me). He had a migraine and was in the bathroom every hour. He will be going to the doctor tomorrow if this is not cleared up. They all have a dentist appointment at 4 tomorrow. Henry has a tooth that is almost half decayed.
All in all, it is going well. Henry is a happy, healthy, easygoing child. He is loving and kind and has a zest for life and a sparkle in his eyes. He is eager to learn English and start school. He is very smart and always wants to help out. He LOVES the dogs and the yard. He has already ridden Noah's bike twice and has been watching cartoons. I am o tired that I am zombie-like...I will feel better tomorrow and start unpacking. Here are some picture:

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