Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leah gets readopted and the Home Study is complete!

Leah was readopted on February 24th. It was a very special event which means she will get a US birth certificate and most importantly, she is now a US citizen. We can now apply for her passport (and Noah's)so they can travel with us to meet their new little brother. We will do this next week.

Today was our last home study visit. Our social worker is a fast worker and efficient and will have the draft ready for Gladney's (our adoption agency) by the END OF THE WEEK!!! We could potentially mail off our I800a (Immigration paperwork for Pin Pin) in two weeks! After that, we have to wait several weeks to get a fingerprinting appointment. After that, we wait 6-8weeks for approval. After all of that, our dossier will be complete and can be sent to China to get logged in (LID), which is what we want to happen ASAP. The dossier is made up of 12 items (including home-study) that have to be certified or notarized and then authenticated. The gathering of this paperwork is what has taken over my life since January 1st. The following is what we need for a complete dossier:

1. Letter of Intent to Adopt (LOI)
2. Home Study Report
3. Certified Birth Certificates
4. Genera Phys. Exam letter
5. Financial Statement
6. Employment Letters
7. Certif. of Good Conduct
8. Immigration Approval
9. Passport Photos
10. Family Photographs
11. Certified marriage certificate (there is a snag with this one but it is being fixed)
12. Color copies of passports

The only items we need are the complete Home Study report and immigration approval. We have managed to get everything else in 4 weeks. The sooner we get the Dossier to China, the sooner we can get to our son. 

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