Monday, April 9, 2012

I800A Approval!

This is incredible, and I meant to post sooner but have been in Texas for the adoption training. I went back in that Monday and was approved  TUESDAY and had the approval at my house on Wednesday! Talk about fast...I don't even know how that happened. I think it was less than 20 days!! I now have sent EVERYTHING back east to make my dossier complete. Just a couple more authentications and that should do it. If all goes well, our dossier should be mailed off to China in a couple of weeks.

The training in Texas was good. It gave us some different parenting ideas not only for our adopted kids, but for the bio one as well. It was tough being away, but we ended up meeting some wonderful people and having dinner with an old friend I went to high school with. We actually met a REAL cowboy and Tom rode a mechanical was fun.  I celebrated my birthday as well down there. I am really glad our agency requires this type of class; especially for those who are totally new to adopting an older child. Anyway, I am exhausted and am going to go to spend time with Noah and Leah. I am hoping we get an update soon on little Henry!

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  1. YAHOO! Love those lickety-split approvals. Let's hope the rest of the journey is like that!