Monday, April 2, 2012

Me, Wait? No...I don' think so.

I couldn't take the wait, so I showed up bright and early to the local CIS office to be fingerprinted again.  I cannot tell you how THRILLED the guy was to see me again. He even started in on a little lecture....well I just told him to take the prints, and if they fail, I will need to pursue other options. I saw the little "reject' light again...far fewer times though. I raced home, called the USCIS in Missouri and the gal said I had PASSED this time!! I do not have an officer and won't until next week, but that is fine with me. I also had an email from our SW saying that she left out a pretty important part of the home study and would need to get that to USCIS today. My hope is that they will have everything they need to process the application next week. Whew.

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  1. Great news!! I don't blame you for heading in early--I'm not much of a wait-er either. :-) One step closer!