Thursday, April 19, 2012


I need to get used to waiting. I know this. I do not like it. We should be DTC next week...which is great. We are a couple of months ahead of where I thought we would be. That should put us in China in October...that would be great. We have been busy getting the room ready and taking care of small things around the house. Noah and Leah are excited to send Henry a picture book and letter, but we will wait until we are LID to do that. Most people travel 5 months after LID, so we may even wait a little longer to make contact. It really depends whose desk (in China) your file ends up on that determines how long of a wait you might have. There seems to be a bit of a backlog that is clearning up now. Let's hope so!! When we decided to adopt in 2005 and got our paperwork in the beginning of 2006, our wait went from 6 months to 5 who knows how long this will take. Typically, it takes 60-90 days LID to LOA then another 60-90 to TA (travel approval)...let's hope this can be pushed through somehow...


  1. I seriously cannot figure out the travel thing--it seems like LOA dates are just allll over the place right now. Our little guy's 3rd birthday is in October, so we are hoping against hope to be there by then as well.

    1. They are all over the is mind boggling!!