Saturday, March 24, 2012

Small things....

So excited to get Noah and Leah's passports today. I feel so was not even an option to NOT travel with her...even if Henry had to wait. Well, that is no longer a worry of mine. So, we are now waiting for the final fingerprinting appointment from our government. I am hoping we get that this next week. Tom and I plan on going in early for fingerprinting....hoping to be approved by CIS by the end of April and DTC (dossier to China) May 15th. Tom and I have been looking at airfare, hotel costs, taking the kids to HK Disney...overwhelming...we are both blessed with great jobs (me with the same schedule as my kids...summers off) and are dedicated to making it work. We have FAITH that it will work out the way it needs to work out and have promised not to question when delays arrive. It is what it is...this adoption roller coaster. Looking forward to Texas in a week and a half.

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  1. Hi there! Love your blog--I think we are at a similar place in the process. Henry is so cute!