Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fingerprint Fiasco

We received our notice to get fingerprinted by CIS (Citizenship and Immigration) which was fabulous news, as this was the last step in the I800A process. We went in early to get them done (and hopefully get approved  by next week). Tom did just fine, but mine were unreadable since they are so worn because I am touching paper all day and so I am spending the weekend with my hands slathered in lotion and wearing plastic gloves. I will go in on Tuesday morning and try again. If I get rejected again (chances are I will) then I will need to get a notarized letter from Olympia that says I am not a criminal. Now, I already have one of these for the is currently at the Chinese consulate somewhere on the east coast. So, I faxed in another request. Last time, it took a week, so regardless, I should be good by the end of next week. Unless of course, I need an RFE (request for evidence) on the 800A application. I was pissed off at first, but then took a deep breath, and prayed for the strength to accept that this is just one of many bumps in the road. It is not even something I can really share with others because they just do not understand the stress, the loopholes, the countless hours put into F$%^^&* filling out the paperwork just right, and frankly, I don't feel like trying to explain it.....even my husband didn't realize why I was so excited to get the FP appointment from USCIS. I am frustrated because this is the third time in three months I have been fingerprinted. Why can't CIS and FBI crosscheck each other's databases? WHY ASK, I take a deep breath, accept this, and pray for patiene. Because in the end, it is all about Henry. And I refuse to walk around with a heavy heart.

Wednesday we leave for Ft. Worth for training regarding older child adoption. How blessed are we that our agency requires this! It is going to be so tough for our little guy, but having the right tools to help him cope, to help the family cope, is very important.

I will write more Tuesday.....I am sure the CIS officer is going to THRILLED to see my face again....LOL When he saw we went early, he made the smart-ass response "you adoptive parents think you have all the rights"YEAH THAT"S EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE THINKING.......but we just smiled.....on the outside...

XOXOXOXOX to you all

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  1. Oh, gosh--what a pain!! I totally get how completely frustrating this would be. We went in early, too (although it didn't make a difference in the end--right hand not communicating with left, but oh well) and we sort of got some attitude as well. Disappointing, as we are taxpayers and the fingerprints are pretty expensive! Sounds like you will be sorted out soon. It does feel like we re-invent the wheel a lot during the process, that's for sure.