Monday, October 15, 2012

A little bit of bonding...

Not much to post....but we got some smiles and laughs...he loves to play soccer. He knows some English that surprised us....he came right p to me and Tom and started naming off all of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. He watched Noah take a bath and then jumped right in and LOVED it. He played and played then jumped right out and put on clean PJs. The kids have been playing on the IPods and making Angry Bird paper models. He keeps running up to both Tom and me so proud of what he has made. They have been making these little paper models for three hours now.
When people ask me why we want to adopt....blah blah....I wonder...How can I explain my heart? How can I explain that adding to a family can happen in so many ways in so many places in the world? This is incredible. To see a child who is almost eight...who is beautiful and has a beautiful spirit and soul and who is the bravest boy I know...we are amazed and humbled. Tom and I look at each other and just cry with joy...with wonder...with fear...but most of all with pure joy and happiness. Our hands ae full....but NOT as full as our hearts.

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