Monday, October 22, 2012

"I want to be a American Scientist!!'

Today was pretty much a free day. We got up ate at the breakfast buffet (as usual) and were off to Shamien Island. Henry has been great other than a few episodes per day. Today he had one on the way to breakfast, one at lunch, and then the normal one just before bed. No big deal really, just him venting pent up anxiety from all the change he's experiencing. After breakfast we headed off to Shamien Island to do some shopping at the island markets. We went to a few great shops, where we were able to pick up some mementos for the kids and a few gifts. Our guide, Jack, is phenomenal. He takes us to the good shops and restaurants, knows all the ins and outs of the adoption logistics, and is great with Henry. After lunch he took us to the Electronics market. To electronics fans and nerds the best way to describe it is Shangri La. Thousands of vendors selling everything from Iphone covers to the latest 3D smart TVs, to professional movie filming equipment (like the kind of stuff a major motion picture production uses). Our objective was to buy a cheap portable DVD player for the kids to watch movies and cartoons during our down days. Found a cool little one for about 60 bucks. While we were at the market, we saw a cool full-scale model of a a transformer. Henry thought it was very cool. He told our guide Jack that he thought he could do a much better job and that he wanted to be a scientist, an American Scientist! When we told him that his brother wanted to be a scientist as well, Henry just gave him a big hug and told him he loved his new big brother (in Mandarin).After shopping we got came back to the hotel and the kids watched some cartoons and a movie for a couple of hours until we took them to McDonalds for dinner. It was Henry's first McDonalds experience and what a parent would expect, crappy food with good fast food service and genius child toy marketing. So, even though he didn't eat much, he loved it. Back from dinner, we holed up and watched Madagascar and a few cartoons in between playing some games and a bit of wrestling.

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  1. Your kids are wonderful! It must be so exciting for Henry. Keep an eye on him, especially in traffic.
    I am very touched by the two American Scientists hugging!