Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great Wall, Goodbye and a Train ride....

Yesterday was incredible. We climbed the Great Wall of China ( I pooped out at the third tower), visited a Hutong and then ended the night with a kung fu show. I will not lie...we were and are exhausted. Rocky took us to a great place to eat but I was so sick from my Great Wall trek that I could not eat.
We have tried all week to find swim caps for the kids so they could swim. We were not successful.
We said goodbye to our guide Rocky and boarded the train for Shanghai. We were on the train for 4 hours and it was a great way to see China. We were met by our guide Ming Ming and were off to our hotel. Again, we have connecting rooms with the kids. This is a great hotel. It is in a great location and after we unpacked, we went for a walk through the neighborhood. We found several restaurants along a strip by our hotel. Nothing was in English. We decided WHAT THE HECK an went in and just pointed at the food we wanted. We ended up with some very good food. Tom ended up with a huge pot of fish head soup. He did not mean to order it, but it ended up being so delicious that we all helped him eat it. . We cannot believe the ease at which Noah and Leah take in this culture change. We have had people compliment us every day as far as how awesome their behavior is. Tis is second nature to them...the world of a child!! When it is not tainted it is pretty incredible how they see the world in a simple and wonderful way.Tomorrow
is THE big day. We are as ready as we can be. We have a little bag of activities for the kids and a little area in the hotel room that has a bunch of stuff for Henry.
So in 13 hours we will meet him...pretty amazing. Here are some pictures from the last couple of days.


  1. I have chills looking at your pictures and can't wait for you to meet Henry. Praying that the day is every thing for which you've hoped. Having the kids with you will make it extra amazing!! As I type this you are just hours away from that precious moment! Hugs to all of you!!!

  2. That was from Molly by the way!!