Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh what a night!!!!

Oh much has happened today! We woke up early to get to our consulate appointment. It was very cool and took about an hour. The kids did as best they could in a small area with nothing to do (my fault). We then went to the zoo and to a traditional and expensive lunch. I am not a fan of anything that has animals performing for humans . It is awful for me. Anyway, we then went on three Chinese rides that scared the hell out of me. I seriously thought I would DIE. I just laughed maniacally the entire time and crushed hand-wipes in one hand and about 200 yuan in the other.
Henry has been testing us like you cannot imagine....unless you know Noah. So we are pro's. It is easy to get frustrated at his running away...his insistent yelling (when he is trying to tell us something we need to know...and he has always been right). When he gets upset he cries and pouts which makes us very sad. But he knows on some level when he has done something wrong...like pinching, hitting or biting. He turns it around right away and usually shuns the parent that has corrected him. At this point, we really have to choose our battles. It is really about being nice and being safe.. He is getting braver in the water, which is a great bonding time. This evening, we are hanging out in the room and Henry is really trying to connect. He drew a picture of our house and each of us with Chinese characters along with a train and airplane. He just wants to get to America...he tells everyone he can that he wants to leave Guangzhou as soon as we can...he is being so sweet tonight and we actually understand much of what he is saying...we just have a tough time responding. He is a loving boy who just wants to learn English and live in the USA. I cannot believe how well this all has gone...I think people must look at us and think he is out of control. I really couldn't care less. They do not see him when his is with is away from overstimulating crowds. They do not see him trying to learn English and the pictures he draws of his dreams. He is so amazing that it brings us to tears. He is going to do very well!!! I cannot wait for you to meet him!!!


  1. So happy to hear that things are going so well for you guys and Henry! How awesome that he is so excited to go to America. It was great meeting you guys - hope to stay in touch!
    Dawn & Cole Richardson
    (with you in Shanghai w/ Camden, Elon & (our newest) Harper)