Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Five Days!!

Well...we have our final itinerary and we are very close! As you can see from the picture above, we are attempting to go COO. We each have a carry on piece or the overhead bin and a backpack with items that we will need on the plane. I am pretty sure that we will not be COO on the way home, but we have a three hour layover in Seattle, so checking luggage on the way back won't be a big deal. Here is what our time in China looks like:

Oct 8: Seattle
Oct. 9: Fly to Beijing
Oct. 10-14: Fun in Beijing
Oct. 14: Bullet train to Shanghai
Oct 15-19: Meet Henry; tour Shanghai; visit the orphanage and complete provincial paperwork for the adoption
Oct. 19-25: Fly to Guangzhou China for Henry's medical check, appointment at the US Consulate to make it all official...
Oct 25-28: Train to Hong Kong where we will tour around this beautiful city and take the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland.
Oct. 28: HOME

I find myself going through all sorts of emotions. So many people want to know "how are you doing" "how are you holding up"......I am fine. I really am. It is the anticipation that stinks. I know that he is being moved to the orphanage in a few days. I feel sad for him and his foster family. They love each other very much and I think are a little shocked this is actually happening. I started this blog less than 9 months ago and look where we are. I am a planner. A person who wants the questions answered before I ask them. I am annoying like that. Well, I am trying very hard not to be that person right now.

The truth is, I am very excited. I know all of the things that could possibly go wrong, however, I also know of all of the things that can (and will eventually) go right. It is not going to be "love at first sight" and it is going to be awkward. We will have to figure out our new family. But I am so excited! I feel so blessed that our family is getting bigger. I know we are in for many surprises. We are setting up our VPN to be able to blog and keep in touch with everyone. I hope I have brought enough gifts to give out and that I have packed what we will need. Ready or we go!!!!


  1. I just got back from China (well, Friday) and am SO SO excited to read this!! It was an amazing adventure, and I can't wait to follow your journey as well! Congrats on TA!

  2. Oh, and yes, the anticipation? Killer. Once we were an hour or two into meeting our son, I really, really relaxed. Gah. That part is hard.