Saturday, October 20, 2012

We are in Guangzhou....

We made it to GZ about an hour late. We have met some awesome families along the way and have met up with them in various places. Three families were on the plane together yesterday and the transition (for us) from one province to the other went well. The room (suite) is tiny compared to the one in Shanghai but works. The Garden is very nice and is a great location. There is an Irish Pub, Mexican cantina and several Asian places to eat near by. We have have had ZERO LUCK in finding clothes for Henry. What we have found is very spendy, so he and Noah are sharing clothes for now. We bought him another pair of shoes that actually fit him.

Yesterday at the airport and during our walk to dinner, Henry went totally crazy. He ran away, almost got hit by a car and was about swallowed up by the luggage carousel at the airport. Of course he is overstimulated and on some emotional level, knows he is getting farther and farther away from his foster family. He was amazed and terrified at the same time as far as the plane ride went. He kept asking Tom if we were in America yet. We have made a pictorial calendar to help him understand time and that the hotel is not our home.
Henry had to go and get his medical exam today. It was a much better place then when I took Leah, and only took an hour or so. All American families must go through Guangzhou American Consulate before they can bring their child to the United States. It was so cool to see so many children that are coming to the United States to start a new life.
It has been a bit of a struggle trying to figure out how to handle the behavior without scaring the hell out of Henry. A whole knew world has opened up to him, and when he wants to experience we will let him. The only time I really get upset is when he runs away, He did that today in Jusco market and I thought I would have a heart attack...
The behavior thing is really minor for those of you who know Noah understand that we are quite used to contrary behavior. Henry is happy, well adjusted and loving. Tom and I look at each other so so happy wondering how on earth we ended up with such 4 beautiful kids. Henry told each of us today that he loved us...We bought the him a helicopter and he was so excited he could barely take it.
The three kids are getting along as well as can be expected. Overall, it has been such a wonderful experience and we are so happy Noah and Leah are here with us to experience this. We still cannot believe how awesome they have been. Enjoy the pictures!!!!

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